Skills & Expertise

SEO/SEM: Capable of creating and implementing effective SEO/SEM methods with the objective of producing high organic rankings on major search engines e.g google, bing, yahoo and producing improved targeted web traffic. Well-versed in advance on-page and off-page SEO methods. Extensive knowledge of Social Media and its use in Online Marketing. In-depth knowledge of utilizing the right types of social media for different types of clients and market spaces.

Web Analytics: Efficient in using web analytic tools to evaluate traffic trends and behaviour and success of SEO/SEM initiatives. Extensive use of web traffic analytical software such as Google Analytics & Webmaster, Ahrefs & many more.

Content Development/Optimization: Expert in all types of content development and optimization. Thorough understanding of vertical search engine integrations and their effect on the various content areas including text, news, images, video, audio and products.

PPC: Capable of managing paid search marketing campaigns in Google Adwords, Yahoo & MSN. In-depth understanding of CTR & ROI.

Research & Analysis: Research, and acquainted with current SEO/PPC techniques and trends. Updated with Google’s latest Search Algorithms like Google Penguin, Panda, Pigeon & Hummingbird updates.


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